Regional Player Groups Are Integral to the Growth of Vainglory

Hello everyone! From the sound of it, “Home City” initiative will play a big part in the road map of Vainglory in 2017 according to the interview with EdTheShred (Kristian Segerstrale – Super Evil Megacorp CEO) featured in the above article by Esports Insider. Let’s show Super Evil Megacorp and the global Vainglory community that we think regional Vainglory player groups are a positive thing for both casual and competitive players, esport spectators and the overall growth of Vainglory by liking and most importantly retweeting the below tweet.

We have a leg up here as we are slightly ahead of the curve by already existing. There may even be a possibility of getting support from the devs for being a pre existing regional community, but it’s integral that both Vainglory players and Vainglory developers know we exist. If they know we exist we can set examples, build paths and lay groundwork to make it easier for other areas around the country to create similar collectives.

I am always open to feedback on what matters to you and suggestions to how we can work together to make this regional group work for you, and for each other while at the same time contributing to growing the Vainglory and its community.

Thanks everyone!