Saturday, December 9th | Vainglory Razer Phone Challenge Live From the Flagship Microsoft Store in NYC

There’s a unique Vainglory event happening in NYC this weekend and your fellow VGNY-ers are a part of it!


In celebration of the release of the Razer Phone, the Mixer NYC Studio at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York will host a 4 team invitational single elimination Vainglory “Razer Phone Challenge” and the first Razer Phone esports tournament. This broadcast event will take place on December 9th at 7pm EST and will feature the ultimate smartphone for mobile entertainment— the Razer Phone. The Vainglory “Razer Phone Challenge” brings local Vainglory players into the studio to get hands-on with newest device for mobile gaming, as they face-off in a best of 3 competition. Additional features of the broadcast will include expert commentary, LIVE Mixer social check-ins, exclusive giveaways, player interviews, and an awards ceremony featuring the Grand Prize— new Razer Phones for the winning team!


IMPORTANT: Although this is not a LAN party or a meet up type event, spectators are welcome to attend for FREE but you must arrive before 6:30pm to be brought into the studio. If you’re not able to attend in person you can watch the broadcast LIVE on Mixer.

Microsoft Store
Fifth Avenue 677 5th Ave
New York, NY 10022, USA