Nice job by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute TEAM. Sathanus, Gregist and ZeroMax swept University of Missouri in two games last Saturday! RPI TEAM will be playing Louisiana Tech University live on CSL’s Twitch this Saturday October 29th at 3PM EST

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RPI to Play in Vainglory CSL

Best of luck to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Team (yes, that’s their name) competing in the first ever Vainglory Collegiate Starleague starting this weekend! The team consists of coordinator Sathanus, Gregist and ZeroMax.

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Good luck, guys!

Vainglory Summer 2016 Championship Finals Viewing Party in Manhattan

SPOREN is throwing a Vainglory Summer 2016 Championship Finals viewing party at The Playwright Pub in Manhattan at 6:00pm on Sunday SEP 3RD! ALL AGES. FREE. Bring your device to play Vainglory! Food and drink specials will be available to viewers all night. ID required.

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CGNY DOTA2/Vainglory NYC LAN Party

The folks at Community Gaming NY are having another DOTA2 / Vainglory LAN on May 21st. Admission is $27.37 $22.09 and includes wifi to play Vainglory, a couple slices of pizza, a cookie, and a can of Red Bull. If you just want to hang out they do have spectator tickets available for $16.82. Tickets and information.

If you are curious about the event/venue/environment feel free to spark up a conversation in #vgny chat. A bunch of us have attended Community Gaming NY events in the past and would happy to share their experience.

please note :: (VGNY and CGNY are unaffiliated with each other)