Saturday, April 29th | VGNY and MadGlory’s Spring 2017 Halcyon Gathering

It’s time to shake off the Winter Blues and crawl out of your domicile to make new friends and play some Vainglory!

The folks at MadGlory (the cats responsible for coding the Vainglory API) will be lending the Vainglory community a space to have a Halcyon Gathering in the beautiful city of Saratoga Springs at the onset of fantastic Spring weather. On Saturday, April 29, 2017 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM, grab your device and a friend and come hang out with other like-minded Vainglory players for an afternoon of game play, give aways and Vainglory 8 viewing.

Everyone attending will receive at least the following:

  • 250 ICE
  • Bakuto Ringo skin

We will also hold a Brawl tournament with an ICE prize (prize size dependant on how many people enter)
(Unfortunately SEMC is no longer providing additional 100 ICE per tournament participant at Gatherings)

There might even be more free stuff depending on what SEMC can scoop together for us from The Lair.

Due to limited space, registration is FREE and required at
We can’t wait to meet you there!


New York’s MadGlory Developing Vainglory API

Upstate New York’s MadGlory (a team of engineers whose passion is in gaming services) is helping make the Vainglory player experience better for the entire Vainglory community with the release of the Vainglory API. What does that mean? Anyone in the world now has the ability to develop awesome tools and applications by using Vainglory’s player and match history data directly from the game though the API! MadGlory is kicking things off with the 2017 Vainglory API Challenge; a hackathon from Feb 27 – March 24th that includes a grand prize of an all expense paid trip to the Super Evil Megacorp Lair in San Mateo and a lot more!

Bleeko Unleashes Time For Rolling Podcast

Cheers to VGNYer Bleeko and her co-host arven on the release of their new Vainglory podcast Time For Rolling! 

TFR is a personable and relaxed yet incredibly insightful podcast. The co-hosts have great synergy with each other and are filling a gap that’s been open far too long in the VG community since we lost the fantastic weekly chemistry of Chuck and Justin of The Fold Podcast.

The 1st episode features XenoTek!

Happy New Year VGNY!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!  I just wanted to mention a couple things-

• We will be testing a new Discord bot this week called Now Live for Twitch and Beam stream announcements that has a filter to only announce Vainglory streams and also edit announcements when the stream goes off line. Unfortunately there is still no way to announce Mobcrush streams via any bot at this time.

If you’re a Vainglory Twitch streamer in or around NY and want to be featured in #vgny-streamers, please contact me.

If you’re a Vainglory streamer on any other service and would like to manually announce when you go live in the #vgny-streamers Discord channel, please contact me.

Please make sure you support some of our regional streamers! They’re all very nice people and it’s a great way to meet other Vainglory players in other parts of the world, and heck, you might even be able to play on stream!

• There is some work being done towards getting a website up and running for our group. If you don’t know, we have a website at and it’s running on a web host that I pay for out of my own pocket. We’re in the process of moving away from that hosting provider to a space generously donated to us by a member of the Vainglory community. Once the move is made work will take place to set up a more functional website using free and cheap methods for layout and theme. Down the road we might be looking for some web developers to donate time and skill to create a look for the website with the possibility of some compensation (can’t promise anything yet).

If you have ideas for thing you’d like to see on the website, please contact me.

• I’ve removed the #looking-for-games Discord channel. It just seemed like it was dead all the time. Please feel free instead to look for players in #vgny. Once 2.1 drops I would like to have a dedicated time where many of us can all get together to play Blitz with each other and get to know one another better in game. Blitz is fun, fast and there isn’t a huge time commitment. If this works well, this could lead to a specific night of playing other game modes together. Perhaps a VNGY streamer would like to stream this once a week? That’d be really awesome.

Thanks everyone for hanging out and being patient as things are rolling around ‘back stage’ even though there is not much new front facing just quite yet. We’re working on it.

As always, questions, comments, feedback, ideas, retweets etc. are all very much appreciated and help this community grow!

Regional Player Groups Are Integral to the Growth of Vainglory

Hello everyone! From the sound of it, “Home City” initiative will play a big part in the road map of Vainglory in 2017 according to the interview with EdTheShred (Kristian Segerstrale – Super Evil Megacorp CEO) featured in the above article by Esports Insider. Let’s show Super Evil Megacorp and the global Vainglory community that we think regional Vainglory player groups are a positive thing for both casual and competitive players, esport spectators and the overall growth of Vainglory by liking and most importantly retweeting the below tweet.

We have a leg up here as we are slightly ahead of the curve by already existing. There may even be a possibility of getting support from the devs for being a pre existing regional community, but it’s integral that both Vainglory players and Vainglory developers know we exist. If they know we exist we can set examples, build paths and lay groundwork to make it easier for other areas around the country to create similar collectives.

I am always open to feedback on what matters to you and suggestions to how we can work together to make this regional group work for you, and for each other while at the same time contributing to growing the Vainglory and its community.

Thanks everyone!