Happy New Year VGNY!

Hi everyone! Happy New Year!  I just wanted to mention a couple things-

• We will be testing a new Discord bot this week called Now Live for Twitch and Beam stream announcements that has a filter to only announce Vainglory streams and also edit announcements when the stream goes off line. Unfortunately there is still no way to announce Mobcrush streams via any bot at this time.

If you’re a Vainglory Twitch streamer in or around NY and want to be featured in #vgny-streamers, please contact me.

If you’re a Vainglory streamer on any other service and would like to manually announce when you go live in the #vgny-streamers Discord channel, please contact me.

Please make sure you support some of our regional streamers! They’re all very nice people and it’s a great way to meet other Vainglory players in other parts of the world, and heck, you might even be able to play on stream!

• There is some work being done towards getting a website up and running for our group. If you don’t know, we have a website at http://vgny.org and it’s running on a web host that I pay for out of my own pocket. We’re in the process of moving away from that hosting provider to a space generously donated to us by a member of the Vainglory community. Once the move is made work will take place to set up a more functional website using free and cheap methods for layout and theme. Down the road we might be looking for some web developers to donate time and skill to create a look for the website with the possibility of some compensation (can’t promise anything yet).

If you have ideas for thing you’d like to see on the website, please contact me.

• I’ve removed the #looking-for-games Discord channel. It just seemed like it was dead all the time. Please feel free instead to look for players in #vgny. Once 2.1 drops I would like to have a dedicated time where many of us can all get together to play Blitz with each other and get to know one another better in game. Blitz is fun, fast and there isn’t a huge time commitment. If this works well, this could lead to a specific night of playing other game modes together. Perhaps a VNGY streamer would like to stream this once a week? That’d be really awesome.

Thanks everyone for hanging out and being patient as things are rolling around ‘back stage’ even though there is not much new front facing just quite yet. We’re working on it.

As always, questions, comments, feedback, ideas, retweets etc. are all very much appreciated and help this community grow!