I ❤️ VGNY $15 Gift Card Giveaway

Brian is sponsoring a VGNY $15 Gift Card Giveaway exclusively for members of the VGNY community.

It’s pretty easy to enter following the steps below.

  1. TWEET a selfie with your VGNY.org sticker or pin.
  2. INCLUDE the text "I ❤ @VGNY_ #Vainglory New York!"
  3. RETWEET this tweet
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On August 8th, one winner will be selected randomly from all entries for their choice of either one $15 iTunes gift card or one $15 Google Play gift card.






Saturday, July 21st | Vainglory Meet up in Brooklyn

Heyo Gamers! Summer is now officially upon us and with that we bring you the spicy details about an upcoming Vainglory meet up event in the NYC area.

Our friends Drackmoris and Bleeko have gotten together to coordinate a Vainglory LAN party for you at Kings Games in Brooklyn on Saturday July 21st from 2pm to 6pm ($5 walk up / FREE with preregistration). Pre-registration is requested via a short form.

Ping @Bleeko#5542 or Drackmoris#7864 in #meetup-coordination on the VGNY Discord with any questions about this event. GLHF!

This article was updated on July 4th to reflect changes to the admission policy. The $5 admission fee to all who preregister will be sponsored by MaxoRelaxo. Thanks Maxo!

Saturday, December 9th | Vainglory Razer Phone Challenge Live From the Flagship Microsoft Store in NYC

There’s a unique Vainglory event happening in NYC this weekend and your fellow VGNY-ers are a part of it!


In celebration of the release of the Razer Phone, the Mixer NYC Studio at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York will host a 4 team invitational single elimination Vainglory “Razer Phone Challenge” and the first Razer Phone esports tournament. This broadcast event will take place on December 9th at 7pm EST and will feature the ultimate smartphone for mobile entertainment— the Razer Phone. The Vainglory “Razer Phone Challenge” brings local Vainglory players into the studio to get hands-on with newest device for mobile gaming, as they face-off in a best of 3 competition. Additional features of the broadcast will include expert commentary, LIVE Mixer social check-ins, exclusive giveaways, player interviews, and an awards ceremony featuring the Grand Prize— new Razer Phones for the winning team!


IMPORTANT: Although this is not a LAN party or a meet up type event, spectators are welcome to attend for FREE but you must arrive before 6:30pm to be brought into the studio. If you’re not able to attend in person you can watch the broadcast LIVE on Mixer.

Microsoft Store
Fifth Avenue 677 5th Ave
New York, NY 10022, USA


Saturday, October 14th | Upstate NY Halcyon Gathering in Saratoga Springs

Heyo! VGNY and MadGlory are happy to announce our next Vainglory Halcyon Gathering

The event will take place on Saturday October 14th 2017 from 11am to 4pm at the MadGlory office in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Everyone who attends will get a free Vaquero Ringo skin! We will also hold raffles for ICE and Reza give aways! If you’re attending and you are a member of the VGNY Discord server you will get your hands on a pair of the coveted VGNY stickers and pins!

Find complete details and meet up registration at http://vgny.eventbrite.com

(reservation is mandatory!)

Save the Date: Upstate New York Halcyon Gathering on October 14th

Heyo! I hope you all have been having a great summer so far! I wanted to give you the heads up that there will be another Halcyon Gathering in Saratoga Springs on October 14th to celebrate the Autumn Season. A lot more details to follow soon, but for now you can get a jump on planning before reservations open up so we don’t end up with a reservation/ride quagmire like we did last time. Hope you can make it! GLHF!

Save the Date: Upstate New York Halcyon Gathering on October 14th

Oh yeah, those dank VGNY stickers and buttons will be available at the 10/14 event as well.

Mobile Masters Featuring Vainglory Comes to Prudential Center and We Have Your Ticket!

On Friday June 23rd the World Champion Vainglory team Invincible Armada will attempt to Run The Gauntlet against five pro North American Vainglory teams LIVE at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey with a total prize pool of $25,000 on the line! If you are in the NJ area and want to attend this Vainglory esports event, you’re in luck! Thanks to awesome folks at Amazon and SEMC we have some free tickets to give away so that you can see your favorite pro team LIVE in person at a rare official Vainglory esports event on the east coast!

Mobile Masters Invitational Vainglory is Friday June 23rd @ 10:30am EST
– KCON at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
– Twitch stream will start at 9am EST on twitch.tv/amazonappstore

If you would like a FREE ticket (normally $20) to attend Mobile Masters LIVE at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, please hop into the VGNY Discord and strike up a conversation with other Vainglory players in the area. Mention that you need a ticket and we’ll hook you up!

VGNY Swag!

We got a good deal on some stickers and pins, so we ordered some up for the next Halcyon Gathering event! More details soon! 🙂

? Just got the 1st ever run of VGNY stickers from @stickermule! Stick around for giveaways! #Vainglory

A post shared by VGNY | Vainglory New York (@vgny_) on

? We found a good deal on pins, so we got some made up for attendees of our next @Vainglory #HalcyonGathering

A post shared by VGNY | Vainglory New York (@vgny_) on

Damn! That Was FUN!

Thank you everyone for coming out to the first Upstate New York Halcyon Gathering in Saratoga Springs! Meeting fellow Vainglory players in person is a unique experience and anyone that’s done this can tell you it takes the enjoyment of the game to an entirely new level. We had such a great time together playing and discussing Vainglory. All have confirmed that they’d come back to do it again!

back L to R : NorthThorn, JCookWhatUp, HaVoKs, ChuckTheFold, Zagz
middle L to R: judokegz, Brian, The8BitOG, Sathanus, haileyrows, MaxoRelaxo, SquidOrAKid, Jeremyw99
bottom L to R: FAMS, amenrah

Visit the VGNY Discord to share and view more photos from the event and keep in touch.

Huge shout out to MadGlory for the venue, pizza and drinks! Also thank you vainshame, Super Evil Megacorp, Chanchi, and MaxoRelaxo for the generous give aways!

A Guide to Being Boosted

Main Roam

If you only play roam heroes and put down lots of vision, people who are actually good at this game can carry you. Be sure to give them a few minutes off every couple games so their backs don’t break.

Only Play With People Who Are Higher Tier Than You

If you play with anyone who is at your tier or below, you might actually have to do something in order to win. And since you’re a boosted scrub, we all know you can’t play Vainglory with people below your own skill tier.

Select Broken Heroes

Lyra, Adagio, Fortress
Lyra, Adagio and Fortress are excellent choices if you want to win without knowing how to play Vainglory.

Using this method, you too can get carried to POA Gold.

Bleeko is the captain of the Time For Rolling guild as well as co-host of the all too clever Time For Rolling podcast. When she’s not streaming on Twitch, you can find her idling in the VGNY Discord server. Come say “Hello!”